Christian Counseling and Broken Desires Video

In the temporal world, humanity is scarred with the sin of Adam.  While baptism washes away this mark, it consequences still manifest.  Human nature while preserved still is inclined to disorder and without grace cannot find proper direction.  Within the body, one can see the disconnect between mind and body and the discord it can cause between doing what is right or wrong.  There are a variety of physiological functions that can lead to issues that affect thinking and emotions.  Passions and yearning that are disordered to an illusionary good that is sometimes not moral according to God’s design can further complicate.

The intellect and will are at odds in humanity’s fallen state. Please also review AIHCP’s Christian Counseling Certification


Working with vice and immorality can be a difficult process.  Christian Counselors, mentors, and pastors can help one live a better life with virtue but ultimately we all need God’s grace.

Fortunately, God is very patient and merciful.  He sees our broken nature and understands the difficulties.  He is always sharing His grace and forgiveness.  It is critical we try and accept His grace to be morally better.  On the final day, the body will rise and again be restored to its original order.

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