Benefits of EFT

Non evasive methods of relieving anxiety and trauma help individuals supplement counseling and find peace.  The Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is a way individuals under guidance or even alone after training, can alleviate anxiety, trauma and even phobias.  Similar in concept to acupuncture points within the body, EFT looks to unlock certain meridian points throughout the body to process negative energy associated with anxiety or trauma.  Through words, thoughts and a calculated procedure of tapping points, one is able to move energy from within the body to an exit point to help achieve a state of calmness.  With each session, one is able to judge the level of anxiety dropping.

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The article, “The Benefits of EFT Tapping and How to Do It, According to Therapists” by Sara Youngblood Gregory reviews the procedure and benefits of tapping.  She states,

“EFT — sometimes referred to as “tapping” or “psychological acupressure” — is a somatic treatment meant to help soothe stress and strengthen the mind-body connection, Stretcher says.  Somatic therapies like EFT work by helping to release trauma and stress stored in the body, Stretcher adds, and often use a combination of body movement and thought practice to help people move through tension.  Like the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture, EFT uses meridian points — or energy centers — on the face and upper body to calm both your central nervous system and your mind. But instead of using acupuncture needles to access these meridians, EFT uses fingers to “tap” and apply pressure to the body.”

“The Benefits of EFT Tapping and How to Do It, According to Therapists”. Gregory. S.  (2023).

To review the entire article, please access here


Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or tapping, is a powerful healing modality that has gained popularity in recent years. It combines elements of traditional Chinese medicine, psychology, and neurology to address emotional and physical issues. EFT works by tapping on specific meridian points on the body while focusing on the negative emotions or traumas that are causing distress. This gentle tapping technique helps to release energy blockages and restore balance to the body’s energy system.

Understanding the Power of Emotions and Their Impact on Our Well-being

Emotions play a significant role in our overall well-being. They can affect our mental, emotional, and physical health. When we suppress or ignore our emotions, they can manifest as physical symptoms or create imbalances in our energy system. Emotional Freedom Technique recognizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing our emotions to achieve healing and transformation.

By tapping on specific meridian points, EFT helps to release negative emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, or guilt, that may be stored in our body. This process allows us to process and release the emotional charge associated with past traumas or negative experiences. As a result, we can experience a profound sense of relief, inner peace, and emotional freedom.

The Principles Behind Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the concept of energy meridians. According to this ancient healing system, our body has a network of energy pathways through which vital life force energy, known as Qi, flows. When this flow of energy is disrupted or blocked, it can lead to physical or emotional imbalances.

Trained EFT Practitioners can help teach clients how to properly and successfully employ EFT in their day to day therapies


The tapping technique used in EFT helps to restore the flow of energy by stimulating specific meridian points. By tapping on these points while focusing on the negative emotions or traumas, we can release the energy blockages and restore balance to our energy system. This process allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to kick in and promote overall health and well-being.

How to Perform Emotional Freedom Technique

Performing EFT is a simple and empowering process that anyone can learn. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Identify the issue: Begin by identifying the negative emotion, traumatic event, or physical symptom that you want to address. It could be anything from anxiety and stress to chronic pain or past traumas.
  2. Rate the intensity: On a scale of 0 to 10, rate the intensity of the emotion or symptom you are experiencing. This will help you track your progress throughout the tapping process.
  3. Setup statement: Create a setup statement that acknowledges the problem and affirms self-acceptance. For example, “Even though I feel anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  4. Tapping sequence: Tap on each of the following meridian points about 5-7 times while repeating a reminder phrase that focuses on the negative emotion or symptom.
    • Top of the head
    • Eyebrow
    • Side of the eye
    • Under the eye
    • Under the nose
    • Chin
    • Collarbone
    • Under the arm
    • Inside of the wrist
  5. Check the intensity: After completing a round of tapping, reassess the intensity of the emotion or symptom. If it has decreased, continue tapping until the intensity reaches 0, or you feel a sense of relief.
  6. Repeat as needed: You can repeat the tapping process multiple times to address different aspects or layers of the issue you are working on.

By following these steps and practicing EFT regularly, you can harness the power of this technique to bring about profound healing and transformation in your life.

The Benefits of Practicing Emotional Freedom Technique

The practice of Emotional Freedom Technique offers a wide range of benefits for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to experience:

  1. Stress and anxiety relief: EFT is highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels. By tapping on specific meridian points, it helps to calm the nervous system, release tension, and promote relaxation.
  2. Emotional release and healing: EFT allows us to acknowledge and release negative emotions that may be stored in our body. This process can lead to emotional healing, increased self-awareness, and a greater sense of emotional freedom.
  3. Pain management: EFT has been shown to be effective in reducing pain levels, whether it is physical pain or chronic conditions such as migraines or fibromyalgia. By addressing the emotional component of pain, EFT can help to alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being.
  4. Improved self-esteem and self-acceptance: Through the practice of EFT, we can work on releasing limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and negative self-talk. This can lead to an increased sense of self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love.
  5. Enhanced performance and focus: EFT can be used to address performance anxiety, improve focus, and enhance overall performance in various areas of life, such as sports, public speaking, or exams.

These are just a few examples of the many benefits of practicing Emotional Freedom Technique. As you continue to explore and integrate EFT into your life, you may discover even more profound transformations and improvements in your overall well-being.

Case Studies and Success Stories of Individuals Who Have Experienced Transformation Through EFT

The power of Emotional Freedom Technique can be best understood through the stories of individuals who have experienced profound healing and transformation. Here are a few case studies and success stories that highlight the effectiveness of EFT:

  1. Sarah’s Story: Sarah had been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for years. Through regular EFT sessions, she was able to identify and release the underlying emotional trauma that was causing her anxiety. As a result, her panic attacks diminished, and she regained control over her life.
  2. John’s Story: John had been suffering from chronic back pain for over a decade. After trying various treatments with little success, he decided to give EFT a try. Through consistent tapping and addressing the emotional component of his pain, John experienced a significant reduction in his pain levels and regained mobility.
  3. Lisa’s Story: Lisa had always struggled with low self-esteem and self-doubt. She felt unworthy of love and success. Through EFT, she was able to uncover and release the limiting beliefs that were holding her back. As a result, Lisa experienced a profound shift in her self-perception, gained confidence, and started pursuing her dreams.

These stories are just a glimpse into the transformative power of EFT. Each individual’s journey is unique, but they all share a common thread of inner healing and personal growth through the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique.

Integrating Emotional Freedom Technique into Your Daily Routine

To fully harness the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique, it is essential to integrate it into your daily routine. Here are some tips to help you make EFT a regular practice:

  1. Set aside dedicated time: Allocate a specific time each day for your EFT practice. It could be in the morning, during lunch breaks, or before bedtime. Consistency is key to experiencing the full benefits of EFT.
  2. Create a sacred space: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can practice EFT without distractions. Create a peaceful environment with soft lighting, calming music, or essential oils to enhance your practice.
  3. Keep a journal: Maintain a journal to track your progress, insights, and experiences with EFT. This can help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotions, patterns, and the shifts that occur over time.
  4. Explore guided EFT resources: There are numerous guided EFT resources available, including books, videos, and online courses. These can provide guidance, inspiration, and additional techniques to enhance your EFT practice.

Remember, the key is to make EFT a part of your daily self-care routine. Just like any other skill, the more you practice, the more proficient you become at using this powerful healing modality.

Combining Emotional Freedom Technique with Other Healing Modalities

While EFT can be highly effective on its own, it can also be complemented by other healing modalities to enhance its benefits. Here are a few modalities that can be combined with EFT:

  1. Meditation: Pairing EFT with meditation can deepen your practice and promote a greater sense of relaxation and inner peace. You can start your EFT session with a few minutes of meditation to center yourself and create a calm state of mind.
  2. Visualization: Incorporating visualization techniques can amplify the effects of EFT. By visualizing the desired outcome or a positive image while tapping, you can enhance the power of your intention and manifest positive changes in your life.
  3. Breathwork: Conscious breathing techniques can be integrated with EFT to further support emotional release and relaxation. Deep, slow breaths can help you connect with your body and deepen your tapping experience.
  4. Energy healing: EFT can be combined with other energy healing modalities, such as Reiki or acupuncture, to address deeper energetic imbalances. These modalities work synergistically to restore harmony and promote overall well-being.

It’s important to listen to your intuition and explore different combinations that resonate with you. By integrating EFT with other healing modalities, you can create a personalized healing practice that meets your unique needs and supports your healing journey.

Finding EFT Practitioners and Resources for Further Learning

If you are new to EFT or want to deepen your practice, it can be beneficial to seek guidance from experienced EFT practitioners or explore additional resources. Here are a few ways to find EFT practitioners and further your learning:

AIHCP certifies qualified professionals to help others utilize and learn about EFT and its many uses in easing anxiety and stress.


  1. Online directories: There are online directories that list certified EFT practitioners in your area. These directories provide contact information, testimonials, and sometimes even video demonstrations of their work.
  2. Workshops and training programs: Many EFT practitioners offer workshops and training programs where you can learn the technique in a group setting or in a one-on-one session. These workshops can provide a deeper understanding of EFT and offer opportunities for practice and feedback.
  3. Books and online courses: There are numerous books and online courses available that teach EFT techniques and provide in-depth knowledge about the practice. These resources can be a valuable addition to your self-study and can help you expand your understanding of EFT.

Remember to choose practitioners and resources that resonate with you and align with your personal goals and values. Trust your intuition and seek out individuals who have the necessary qualifications and experience to guide you on your EFT journey.

Conclusion: Embracing Healing and Transformation Through Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool for healing, personal growth, and transformation. By acknowledging and addressing our emotions, we can release energy blockages, restore balance, and experience a greater sense of well-being. Through the practice of EFT, we can tap into our inner power and create positive changes in our lives.

Whether you are dealing with emotional distress, physical pain, or seeking personal growth, Emotional Freedom Technique offers a path to inner healing and transformation. By learning the principles and techniques of EFT, integrating it into your daily routine, and seeking guidance from experienced practitioners, you can harness the power of this technique and embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing.

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So, why wait? Start exploring the world of Emotional Freedom Technique and embrace the healing and transformation that awaits you. Take the first step towards a life filled with emotional freedom, inner peace, and holistic well-being.  Please also review AIHCP’s EFT Practitioner Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in EFT.

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