Echo Meditation Video

Christian Meditation looks to bring us closer to God.  Usually this entails reflecting on the past in Scripture and pursuing dialogue in the present with God.  Echo Meditation is about reflection and communication with God but it sees time from a different perspective.  Since God is eternal, it incorporates prayer for not only those now but also for those in the past and future.  It also allows for a particular echo in time with the Christ while He was on Earth.  Since Christ is divine, He can hear our prayers as He is now, will be and was while on Earth.  This gives the Christian through Echo Meditation the ability to conversate with Christ, console Christ and walk with Christ during His difficult life.  It is a devotion of service and discipleship to Christ.

Echo meditation allows one to be closer to Christ. Please review AIHCP’s Christian Counseling Certification


One can speak with Christ when He was alone and enter into His thoughts.  One can stay with Him in the Garden.  One can console Him when He is mocked.  It is a beautiful way to be there for His human nature and life since His divine nature is a beacon that transcends time. In many ways, it is time travel with God

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