ADHD and Its Surprising Positive Side Effects

Many times, individuals only focus on the afflictions associated with mental issues.  With OCD, or ADHD, individuals look to mask the issues that cause the most problems in one’s life, but surprisingly, OCD or even ADHD can present unique gifts and worldviews that are side effects of the particular issue.

ADHD like many disorders can cause chaos within the mind but there are positives too. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Program


This is particularly true with ADHD.  While negative symptoms of ADHD need to be managed, one should also find some consolation in the good side effects that can be utilized from the condition.  Individuals suffering from ADHD can exhibit certain qualities and talents that can benefit them in everyday social, professional and persona life.   The article, “6 Benefits of ADHD: Tips for harnessing ADHD skills” by Leann Maskell looks closer at some of these benefits as she lists 6 particular qualities that individuals with ADHD manifest due to the disorder.  She states,

“ADHD, if harnessed properly, can bring major benefits for creativity, work ethic and out of the box thinking. Here’s how to use ADHD’s quirks to your advantage  Having ADHD means you think differently to “most” people, which is an incredibly valuable asset, in both your professional and personal life.  Despite the “disorder” part of ADHD, which can manifest differently amongst individuals, there are endless strengths proven to accompany this neurodivergent condition.  Here’s an overview of key ADHD skills and how to make the most of them.”

“6 Benefits of ADHD: Tips for harnessing ADHD skills”. Leann Maskell. March 14th, 2023. Reader’s Digest

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While many individuals lament the issues that are caused by ADHD, if one can look at the brighter side of things or seeing the cup as half full instead of half empty, one can quickly discover the unintended benefits that can come with having ADHD.  These abilities are side products of the disorder itself and can be utilized to enhance one’s life from various venues, including professional and social aspects.


Positive Traits Associated with ADHD

With all the issues associated with ADHD, there can be surprisingly positive side effects. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Certification


One of the biggest misconceptions about ADHD is that it’s all negative. While it’s true that ADHD can make certain tasks more difficult, it can also give you an edge in other areas. Here are some of the positive traits associated with ADHD:

Creativity and ADHD

Many people with ADHD have incredibly creative minds. They often think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. This creativity can be a huge asset in fields like art, music, and writing.

High Energy and Productivity

People with ADHD often have a lot of energy. While this can be challenging at times, it can also help you be incredibly productive. When you’re in hyperfocus mode, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

Hyperfocus and Accomplishments

Hyperfocus is a common trait among people with ADHD. When you’re hyperfocused, you’re able to concentrate intensely on a task for an extended period of time. This can lead to amazing accomplishments, especially in areas that you’re passionate about.

Adaptive Thinking and Problem-Solving

People with ADHD often have to be creative and think on their feet to navigate the challenges that come with the condition. This adaptive thinking can be a huge asset in many areas of life, from business to personal relationships.

Overcoming Challenges Associated with ADHD

While it’s important to recognize the benefits of ADHD, it’s also important to acknowledge the challenges that come with the condition. Here are some common challenges associated with ADHD and strategies for overcoming them:

Attention Difficulties

One of the main challenges associated with ADHD is difficulty paying attention. To overcome this challenge, try breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Set a timer for a specific amount of time and focus on one task until the timer goes off.


People with ADHD often struggle with impulsivity. To overcome this challenge, try practicing mindfulness and self-awareness. Take a few deep breaths before making a decision and ask yourself if it aligns with your goals and values.


Staying organized can be a challenge for people with ADHD. To overcome this challenge, try using tools like to-do lists, calendars, and reminders. Develop a routine and stick to it as much as possible.

Strategies for Leveraging ADHD to Achieve Success

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits and challenges of ADHD, let’s talk about some strategies for leveraging ADHD to achieve success:

Find Your Passion

One of the best ways to leverage ADHD is to find your passion. When you’re passionate about something, it’s easier to stay focused and motivated. Use your hyperfocus to your advantage and dive deep into your chosen field.

Build a Support System

Having a support system in place can be incredibly helpful when you have ADHD. Surround yourself with people who understand your challenges and can offer support and encouragement when you need it.  ADHD Consultants who are healthcare professionals can also supply needed guidance and aid in working with ADHD.

Develop a Routine

Developing a routine can help you stay organized and focused. Try to create a schedule that works for you and stick to it as much as possible. This can help you build good habits and stay on track.


An ADHD Consultant can help individuals with ADHD better cope and harness the positive side of ADHD


While ADHD can be challenging, it’s important to remember that it’s not all bad. People with ADHD have unique strengths and talents that can help them succeed in life. By understanding the benefits of ADHD and developing strategies to overcome its challenges, you can unlock your full potential and achieve success in your personal and professional life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with ADHD, remember that there is help available. Talk to a mental health professional or visit a support group to get the support you need.

Helping others with ADHD is also an option.  Qualified mental health professionals and healthcare professionals can earn an ADHD Consulting Certification from AIHCP.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in ADHD Consulting.  Please review the program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.