Ambiguous Grief

Ambiguous Grief is a loss that cannot find closure.  It often involves dealing with someone in coma, possesses a mental disorder that prevents them from living a fulfilling life, or cases of abduction, missing children, missing pets, or soldiers lost at war.  The person is unable to find closure in processing the type of loss.  Some give up hope because holding on hurts too much, while others never surrender.  Numerous emotions erupt in this type of loss. Individuals may be enraged or feel guilty.

Ambiguous grief and the pain of not knowing prevents closure. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Certification


Some look to find meaning in the loss through social activism and helping others find closure.  Overall, it is a grief ripe with complications that haunts the person the rest of his or her life.  It is good to allow those who wish to hold on to hope to continue within realism, while others who need to let it go, to finally let it go.  Depression is very common with this type of loss so in many cases extensive counseling and support is needed.

Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification


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