Crisis of Faith Video

Many Christians can face a crisis of faith.  It is bound to happen sometime in life.  Traumatic events or deaths can all shake one’s life and push to one to ask existential questions.  In fact, even evil as a force in the world can sometimes create questions in one’s mind.  “Where is God?” or “Why is God doing this?” can all emerge.

In spiritual life itself, one can enter into arid moments where the relationship with God is not as fresh or easy.  Desolation can occur where the soul feels left behind and abandoned.  Working through this is critical in spiritual life.  A strong foundation will hold any storm.  So it is important to validate one’ s feelings and then diagnose them.  Through emotional and intellectual reflection, but most importantly unceasing prayer, one can find some hope.

In spirituality, many times people sometimes experience desolation. Please also review AIHCP’s Christian Counseling Certification


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