Past Loss and Grief Haunting Video

Grief is a permanent process not a temporary one. Hence it returns from the past in both healthy and sometimes unhealthy ways

Grief is a forever thing because love is as well.  As long as love lingers, the loss and grief will linger.  With this, anniversaries and other dates of remembrance can resurface with grief.  The hole in one’s heart forever remains the same, but as time proceeds, one’s life grows and the loss while still big becomes less intense.  The intensity of the aching waves become more spread out.

Yet, past scents, images, or places can always take one back.  While some are haunted in a pathological way and experience prolonged grief, others merely feel the occasional pains of the loss that are natural.  Grief  and loss again is not a finite process with an ending but something that remains with one’s whole life.


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