Video on Anger Management and Road Rage

One place where one needs to control anger is behind the wheel of a car.  There may no more dangerous place than to lose one’s temper while driving.  Accidents, road rage, and even death can occur due to one’s inability to control anger when driving.  It is important to understand that one should never drive when angry or if they feel angry to find a spot to pull over.

Too many times, anger is triggered by aggressive driving or improper adherence to rules.  It is important to drive defensively and to also practice anger management while driving.  In doing so, individuals can be safer on the road and limit unneeded collisions and death.  The video below reviews some basic ways to prevent road rage, handle emotion while driving and defensive driving strategies.

Driving is not the place to become angry. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Program


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Please also review the video below