Eastern Meditation Video on Mind, Body and Soul Benefits

Eastern Meditation obviously is very different than Western ideas on meditation.  While all meditation aims towards God, the Eastern ideas on God are very different than Western ideas.  Furthermore, ideas regarding union with God vary.

From a secular view, what benefits can be found in Eastern Meditation for health and stress reduction?


With this in mind, Eastern meditation developed a very different spirituality and meditation that opens the body more than any Western techniques.  From a physiological standpoint, this led to strategies to relax the body.  Through these strategies, many health benefits to reduce stress emerged for the mind and body.  The secular Western world took advantage of many of these meditation techniques and utilized them for stress management, hence stripping them of a spiritual end.

The video below looks at the values of Eastern Meditation from mind body and soul and looks at how individuals can utilize these techniques according to their need.

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Please review the video below