Grief Counseling Certification Blog on Tracee Dunblazier’s Book “Transformative Grief”

Tracee Dunblazier GC-C with the American Academy of Grief Counseling has presented to the grieving world both personal and academic an excellent and thorough text on grieving.

In her book, “Transformative Grief: An Ancient Ritual for Healing in Modern Times”, Dunblazier presents an up to date and thorough look at grieving in modern life.  She presents all of the necessary information behind the science of grieving but also expands and illustrates its impact in the modern world.

Grief is transformative but one must understand the nature of grief and loss to properly transform. Please also review Tracee Dunblazier’s new book


There is extensive information on the basic types of grief, the grieving process, healing and implementing grief into one’s existence.  She also explores issues in grieving that lead to complications.  In addition, she elaborates on examples of grief found in the modern world, ranging from recent wars to 911.   Ultimately, Dunblazier looks to unlock the mystery of grief and help individuals properly face grief and loss in a healthy way.  Understanding that grief, loss and dying and death are parts of life itself in an imperfect world is a critical element of her work.

She states,

“Transformative Grief is the embodiment of the profound collision of Heaven and Earth through humanity—alchemizing and empowering us by divulging the truth
on every level. As we shed our illusions about grief and sorrow as being detrimental to our health or being more powerful than we are, we will open to the beauty
of accessing our strength from the deepest recesses of our mind, body, and spirit through grief. Beginning on the day of our birth, we have each been seeded with spiritual
information that will be revealed by grief throughout our lives. It is our willingness to process daily these subtle ebbs and flows of emotion that guarantees the removal of energy that is unnecessary for us to harbor, and to disclose what is valuable for us moving forward.”

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Tracee Dunblazier’s work touches the important aspects of grief and loss while reminding everyone that grief is not something to be avoided or denied.  It is far from a pathology, but indeed a natural reaction to loss itself.  It has the power to transform and change oneself.  Learning to incorporate loss in life hence is an important skill in living itself.

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We here at AIHCP congratulate Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C on her comprehensive work and achievement and pray it will help many others learn to incorporate loss properly into their lives.