Anger Management Certification Article on Children and Abnormal Anger

Teaching children restraint with their anger is a basic parenting objective.  It is critical to show children how to behave and control emotion so that they can interact socially with others.  There are sometimes signs to watch for that may indicate deeper anger issues that will require stronger attention.

Children need to learn to control anger at an early age. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


The article, “How To Tell If Your Child’s Anger Issues Are More Than Something Normal” by Ashley Werhli looks at somethings to watch out for in regards to pathological anger.  She states,

“Not a lot of moms may have anticipated that a large portion of motherhood was going to be playing the role of a therapist. Moms get so focused on caring for a child’s physical health and safety that they may forget that their child needs the to attend to their emotional needs as well. This may be a tricky road for some moms to navigate, especially when they don’t know how to help their child, or when something is really wrong.”

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