Anger Management Consulting Program Blog on Parents and Anger

Parents are only human and become angry with their children.  Moms can lose their cool and yell and displace anger towards their kids.  These are not uncommon occurrences, so how can moms remain calm and set good examples even on the most frustrating day?

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The article, “Anger Management For Parents (Because We Need It Too)” by Megan Glosson looks how moms and parents in general can be control their anger better with their children.  She states,

“Unfortunately, though, anger isn’t an emotion that’s exclusive to kids — parents feel it too. When unchecked, parental anger can become a household-wide problem that impacts everyone. Therefore, it’s important for parents to not only understand their child’s anger but their own as well. Then, once parents understand anger, they can apply the appropriate anger management strategies to help them cope with strong emotions more effectively.”

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