Christian Counseling Certification Blog on Qualities of Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling is a unique type of counseling.  It looks to point one towards Christ in all forms of healing.  It presents truth at all costs.  It does not look to the subjective realities of the world or immoral plans of the world, but teaches truth and expects individuals to conform to that truth.  Ultimately it is Christocentric.

Christian Counseling is Christocentric in nature
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The article, “3 Universal Truths for Counseling in Particular Circumstances” by Curtis Solomon takes a closer look at the unique qualities of Christian Counseling and how those qualities are applied.  He states,

“No matter who you’re counseling, no matter the particulars of his situation, you can and should be patient, show compassion, and point him to Christ. Applying these universals will guard you from becoming a jerk and, more importantly, you’ll model Christ’s character in each particular situation.”

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