Grief Counseling Training Blog on High Functioning Depression

Many individuals deal with depression on a daily basis.  They may not even know they are depressed and push through life.  High functioning depression does not leave one bed ridden but parasitically wears the individual down on a daily basis.  Like most depression, it may not have an acute reason or loss but merely manifests due to family history or past unresolved trauma.  One however continues to function within society and fulfill social obligations.

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The article, “Understanding High-Functioning Depression” by Sean Glover takes a closer look at High Functioning Depression.  He states,

“High-functioning depression, also referred to as dysthymia, can be hard to spot. It doesn’t look like stereotypical depression. Unlike major depressive episodes, which are intense, debilitating, and time-limited, high-functioning depression is low-level, chronic, and doesn’t have a clear trigger. Its very existence can feel maddening.”

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