Anger Management Specialist Certification Article on Passive Anger via Silence

While many focus on aggressive anger in Anger Management, many times passive forms of anger and abuse or forgotten.  One such type of passive anger and abuse is referred to as silent treatment.  When used as a way to punish and control, it can be very abusive and a form of misusing the emotion of anger.

The silent treatment is a form of passive anger and emotional abuse. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Specialist Program


The article, “Is Silent Treatment a Form of Abuse? Here’s What to Know’ by Kelly Burch looks how the use of ignoring and purposefully not speaking to another person is a form of abuse.  She states,

“When you think of abuse, your mind probably goes immediately to physical violence, yelling, or intimidation. But an abusive relationship can also be silent. Some people use silent treatment abuse to manipulate and control their loved ones. This is a form of emotional abuse.  It’s normal to not want to talk to someone when you are angry or frustrated. In most cases, this happens occasionally and blows over. However, if a person regularly uses the silent treatment to influence or control your behavior, they are being emotionally abusive. “

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