Anger Management Certification Blog on Displaced Anger in Society

People are throwing their anger at the pandemic or world affairs or political unrest at a variety of other venues.  Whether at home or in traffic, the population is angry and has no place to channel it in a healthy fashion.  This anger is erupting within our society.

Displaced anger is finding places in everyday life. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


The article, “Apodaca: ‘Dysregulated anger’ has us erupting over the smaller things” by Patrice Apodaca looks closer at this displaced anger.  She states,

“People are throwing tantrums at school board meetings, and students are acting up even more than usual. Arguments are breaking out in grocery stores and restaurants over masks, vaccines, empty store shelves and long waits for meals to be delivered by overworked servers. Motorists are blowing a gasket when they see the prices at the pump. Traffic deaths are up, in part, authorities believe, because drivers are behaving more aggressively. Medical workers are regularly harassed and threatened, and flight attendants are forced to show far too many rude and unruly passengers just how secure and snug their seatbelts can get if they won’t voluntarily sit down and shut up.”

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Anger can spill into so many other facets of life.  It is important to understand the source and properly channel it.

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