Anger Management Specialist Program Blog on Dangers of Anger

Anger can become a tool of one’s own undoing if not properly managed.  Too many individuals give into anger and hurt others and face criminal charges, while others only hurt themselves by stressing their bodies through the stages of anger.  It is important to learn to manage anger the same way one manages stress.

Anger can become dangerous if not controlled. Please also review AIHCPs’ Anger Management Specialist Program


The article, “The Dangers of Anger” by Scott Butwell looks at the dangers of anger and how to better manage and control it. He states,

“Anger can be a destructive emotional cocktail. There is anger mixed with anxiety, anger tinged with stress, anger boiling over with resentment.  There are thousands of different kinds of anger.  Anger can destroy relationships, eat you alive by turning into resentment, and you can become easily addicted to anger like drugs or alcohol.  Anger can be passed on from one generation to the next, and if you think you don’t struggle with it, depression is often suppressed anger. Maybe, you bottle up your anger — like me.”

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