Stress Management Consulting Certification Article on Parental Stress

A very large stressor is children.  Parents deal with stress of their children and adult children their whole lives.  Different ages and different times present different and unique challenges in parenting, but overall, the stress of having children and raising them is a challenge.  Parents need to learn how to cope with stress and juggle the issues of parenting with their own life to stay afloat in life.

Parental stress comes at any age and has different challenges with each age. Please also review AIHCP’s Stress Management Program


The article, “Here’s How to Navigate Parenting Stress” by Madeline Brown takes a closer look at managing stress associated with parenting.  She states,

“Stress is a poor boundary keeper. Work stress doesn’t stay confined to the office. Financial worries don’t magically go away when your child is sick and sleepless. The parenting journey is naturally peppered with seasons of heightened stress and worry — from the sleepless newborn stage to the teenage rebellion years and beyond. A list of what doesn’t cause parenting stress might be shorter. Nevertheless, these are common factors that can make parenting stress worse:”

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