ADHD Consulting Program Blog on ADHD in Boys and Girls

ADHD can multiple effects on a person both child and adult but does it have different effects on boys and girls?  Many teachers and parents deal with children on a consistent basis with ADHD and see certain qualities within the genders of those affected.

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The article, “Do ADHD Symptoms Differ in Boys and Girls?” by Heather Jones looks closer at ADHD rates in boys and girls and how it manifests.  She states,

“In general, boys with ADHD are more likely to have symptoms and behaviors that are more disruptive and, therefore, more noticeable. Not only does this have a “squeaky wheel” effect, but it reinforces the stereotype of a child with ADHD being a boy who “acts up” in class and is constantly on the go.  Because girls with ADHD are usually less disruptive, it may not be as obvious that they are struggling. Daydreaming is not going to raise flags that are difficult to miss or ignore like frequent interrupting or the inability to stay seated”

It is hence very important to understand how it manifests if a parent or teacher.  To read the entire article, please click here

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