Pet Loss Grief Support Blog on Getting a Another Pet

There is fear in many pet owner hearts that if they get a new pet then they are replacing the old.  This is common also with widows or widowers.  The reality the dog or cat is not being replaced.  Nothing can replace a beloved pet.  No new dog or cat can ever be the same but one can love more than one.  One can form new and unique bonds and share one’s hearts with other beautiful dogs and cats.  Always treasure the individual but try not to close your heart to others.

A new dog is not a replacement but something unique. Please also review AIHCP’s Pet Loss Grief Support Certification


The article, “If you’re denying yourself the love of a new pet after a loss, please reconsider in 2022” by Dana Perino looks at finding the room in one’s heart to love another dog or cat in one’s life.  She states,

“My mind flashed forward to a future without a dog — a human survival instinct to protect yourself against future heartaches. That would be fine. I could do it. I’d have to if I lost Percy so soon after falling in love with him. Fortunately, none of that came true.”

Her story of her own loss and experience can serve as an example to love more and not close.  To read the entire article, please click here

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