ADHD Consulting Certification Article on ADHD and Life

Undiagnosed ADHD can push untrue labels on individuals.  Lazy, irresponsible, rude, or indifferent are many labels that can appear.  Some individuals who are not diagnosed have hard times maintaining relationships or keeping jobs.  ADHD can be a big problem if never treated.

ADHD can have negative effects on life. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Certification


The article,“‘What’s Wrong with Me?’ The Toll of 34 Years with Undiagnosed ADHD” by Aron Croft takes a look how ADHD affected his life.  He states,

“College was terrible. I dropped out twice – once running away to a tiny Island in New Zealand, but that’s another story. I used alcohol, pot, and cigarettes at varying times to drown out my despair. The turmoil and failure of my undergraduate career further eroded my sense of self.”

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It is important to find treatment if you exhibit ADHD like behavior so you can function properly in social settings, work and school.  It is also equally important to help children who have it so they learn to cope.

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