EFT Certification Article on EFT and Stress

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is a relatively new alternative therapy that is based on cognitive therapies that are deeply connected to Eastern Spiritual ideas of energy and energy flow.  Stemming from acupuncture, this new modality looks to relieve numerous mental issues, from past trauma to stress relief.

EFT can help many individuals handle stress and reduce anxiety. Please also review AIHCP’s EFT Certification Program


The article, “What Is EFT Tapping & Is It The Secret To Relieving Stress?” by Sadhbh O’Sullivan looks at how EFT can help with stress.  The article states,

“EFT (also known as EFT tapping or ‘tapping’) is a practice where you tap different points on your body. Tamara Donn, an accredited expert EFT practitioner, describes it as “an empowering DIY self-help technique to help you release negative beliefs or emotions”. Originating from the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, it combines acupuncture (without the needles) with a focused affirmation practice and can better help individuals ground in the present and release difficult and distressing thoughts and feelings. Though it’s still being researched, EFT has been used to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD. ”

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