Meditation Instructor Program Article on Mindfulness and the Workplace

Mindfulness and awareness are key in life.  We are not living in the present and at ease, then mistakes can occur and stress can find ways to creep into one’s life.  Mindfulness meditation teaches one to focus on the present through mental visualization and breathing.  It helps tune the mind to the senses and to partake in the moment itself.  This type of mindset is perfect for work.  Employers should encourage mindfulness training for employees to increase productivity.

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The article, “What is mindfulness and why is it important in a workplace” by Kristin Finkbeiner takes a closer look at how mindfulness helps in the workplace.  She states,

“Organisations are becoming more invested in the wellbeing of employees due to an increased awareness of the costs associated with an unhealthy workforce. Absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover, and a lack of productivity are all very costly issues that are closely tied to employee stress and mental health. The number of sick days lost to serious mental health issues has doubled in the past decade and mental health is the leading cause of sickness-related absences.”

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