Grief Counseling Certification Article on Dealing with Grief Monsters

Loss is something we live with all our lives.  We do not escape it.  Even when we adjust and think we are OK,  feelings and emotions can return.  Since grief is tied to love, then this makes total sense that one would never completely recover from loss and grief.  Grief remains in our life as a reminder of our love.

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The term grief monsters has been used frequently to describe these jabs and stings of grief that come to one.  The thoughts to reflect on the loss, or the stringing reminder of a loss due to a scent, scene or place, can all inflict old memories and emotions tied to them.  Holidays, empty seats and songs can also remind us.  How we deal and cope with these grief monsters is important.  We cannot run from them or see them as something naturally evil, but something that will be with us our whole lives

The article, “Five Tips for Living With a Grief Monster” from “What’s Your Grief” by Eleanor Haley takes a closer look at living with grief monsters.  She states,

“Grief monsters come from the loss, but don’t mistake them for the loss itself. They didn’t cause the hole left in your life, and they don’t relish in your pain. They’re simply what happens when the chaotic jumble of thoughts, emotions, and memories about the past, present, and future come together. ”

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