Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Program Article on Hypnosis and Grief

Hypnosis is an alternative therapy that helps with so many things.  It helps with grief and anxiety as well.   Some grief counselors work in concert with hypnosis as a way to help others overcome negative memories that cause intense grief.

Hypnosis can help one with grief and loss. Please also review AIHCP’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification program


The article, “Does hypnosis work for anxiety, depression, and fear?” by Zia Sherrell and reviewed by Lea Lawrenz reviews how hypnosis can benefit those who suffer from depression, anxiety and fear.  The article states,

“Hypnosis is an effective method of alleviating the symptoms of depression. Those with major depression have a decreased heart rate variability (HRV) — the variation in the time between consecutive heartbeats. According to one study, HRV significantly increases hypnosis, which may mean the technique could treat depression. However, the researchers used a very small sample size, so scientists need to carry out more studies to confirm these findings.”

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Hypnosis is a great non evasive way to find results with grief.

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