EFT Certification Program Article on EFT and Stress Reduction

EFT is an excellent way to alternatively treat a variety of mental maladies, phobias and negative energy.  It simulates the ideals of energy flow found in chakras but approaches it scientifically in regards to the movement of energy throughout the body by stimulating acupuncture points but through tapping with one’s hand on particular spots.  It is also a new tool that is very useful in stress reduction and helping individuals with anxiety.  A tapping session which one can do oneself can help alleviate stress.

EFT can help reduce stress. To learn more about EFT, please review AIHCP’s EFT Certification Program


The article, “EFT Tapping Can Reduce Stress in Minutes — Here’s How to Do It:” by Jessica Estrada takes a closer look at this alternative self care therapy.  She states,

“EFT tapping (or emotional freedom technique) is a healing modality that involves — you guessed it — tapping on different acupressure points on the body while saying statements out loud that relate to whatever issue you’re dealing with, such as stress, anxiety, or any other physical or emotional pain. Gala Darling, an author and speaker who teaches tapping inside her courses and memberships, describes the technique as acupuncture minus the needles mixed with positive psychology. The beauty of the technique, besides its simplicity, is that once you learn the pattern, you can practice it on your own anytime you need it.”

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EFT while novel bases itself on age old ideals with new scientific understanding of how the body works in removing negative energy and trauma.

Those interested in learning how to utilize it or those who wish to help others utilize it can learn more about becoming certified in EFT.  AIHCP offers a four year certification for qualified professionals in EFT.  The EFT Certification Program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals.  Again, one can merely take the initial course just to learn how to use it for oneself, or if qualified, pursue the entire program to become certified and help others.