Grief Counseling Certification Article on Misconceptions about Grief

Grief is a very misunderstood subject.  Many who attempt to help, in reality, do more damage with misused words or good intended phrases.  Grief is different for different people, and although there are universal standards within the human species, it still remains unique to each person.

There are many misconceptions regarding grief. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Certification


Misconceptions of grief hence need to be replaced with good sound grief theory.  Individuals need to be more educated in how grief works since everyone experiences grief and noone is immune to it.  In the end, the reality of grief captures everyone and once felt misconceptions are quickly dispersed

The article, “6 Common Misconceptions About Grief” by Elaine Roth explores common misconceptions and corrects them.  She states,

“When I thought of grief before, I thought of a person crying at the funeral. I thought of a person wearing black for a few weeks. I thought grief could be summarized as big sadness. But that’s wrong. Grief isn’t just big sadness. It’s sadness and anger and anxiety and heartache and longing and nostalgia and hope all wrapped into one word. It’s often all of that at once.”

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