Meditation Instructor Program Article on Meditation and the Overthinking Mind

Overthinking minds naturally are more difficult to deal with when meditating.  Minds like this cannot relax and they analyze even the function of meditation itself to the point no meditation can occur.  These issues are difficult to overcome and make meditation a little more harder at first.  It is important to learn how to silence the mind and find a way to reduce the overthinking when attempting to relax.

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The article, “9 Tips for Meditating When You’re an Overthinker” from HEALTHLINE reviews how one can quiet the mind and stop overthinking while trying to meditate.  The article states,

“Although I’m a long-time meditator, I continually struggle to truly turn off my head. Enter my “monkey mind,” the intrusive, restless thoughts that derail me from finding mental calm. Even when I set aside time for stillness, a riptide of thoughts frequently washes me out to a sea of worries, concerns, and — wait, am I making chicken or fish for dinner tonight? Although the idea of quieting the mind and blissing out in meditation sounds wonderfully rejuvenating, actually achieving a meditative state can be an uphill battle for those of us with overactive thoughts.”

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It is well worth learning how to quiet the mind and utilize the healing and soothing benefits of meditation.  The peace gained is well worth it and the quiet from overthinking can replenish any person.

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