Anger Management Training Program Article on Controlling Anger at Work

Anger can become a big issue at work.  It is important to keep work safe and not intimidating to others as well as protect oneself.  Anger however rarely listens to reason and it is important to be able to control anger, understand it and not allow it to interfere at work.

Anger at work is a big social problem. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Training Program


The article, “How to manage your anger and frustration at work” by Nurhurda Syed explains why it is important to control anger at work and how to better cope with it.  The article states,

“It’s a difficult time to be a leader and it’s okay if things are starting to get to you, professionally or personally. The best way to manage your anger or frustration at work is through some self-awareness and honesty, said Maria Micha, a clinical mental health counsellor, psychiatrist and corporate trainer. If you feel like you’re losing grip of a situation at work, take the time to reflect on your life and the issues you’re handling.”

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