Meditation Instructor Program Article on Relaxation Response and Healing

Stress and anger facilitates the “Flight or Fight” response in our bodies.  While temporarily good, if the physical reactions within the body continue over time or are not properly channeled, then damage to the body can occur.  Elevated heart beat and higher blood pressure are all temporary necessary results to deal with situations but in the modern world, stresses cannot be dealt with by fight or flight but must be managed.

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The Relaxation Response is the opposite reaction within the body, where a pre stress state is restored to the body.  It lowers the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and creates a more tranquil setting which is beneficial to the body.  Recent studies through bio feed back have proven to shown that one can facilitate these responses through a variety of meditation practices or techniques.  Meditation, in particular, Eastern meditation has shown to be able to elicit the relaxation response.

The Relaxation Response requires a quiet or peaceful setting and environment.  It requires a passive mindset.  It also requires an object of focus and a repeating phrase, mantra, or word to retain that focus.  Through this peaceful and gradual process, studies have shown that the relaxation response can be found.  It is far different than a mere sleep process, but various active brain waves continue to function as well as the state that reduces stress.  This is different than sleep and its critical importance at the REM phase and its own special health benefits.  The two states have different health aims and different purposes.

The Relaxation Response can be elicited from a variety of religious traditions.  It can be Christian in end or Eastern.  World religions seem to share in this common trait of producing this universal mental state within individuals who practice it.  However, non religious can also benefit from it and enter into with out any religious overtones.

What is incredible is that the human mind has the capability to alter change to the body.  It can, seen through biofeedback, produce changes in heart beat and pressure through meditation.  In some more extraordinary cases, Tibetan Monks were able to even alter body temperatures.   With this in mind, the power of the mind to alter subconscious responses is an important study within meditation and its battle with stress.

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The faith factor and the ability of the mind to alter minor realities in health and healing is extraordinary.  Not just altering bio rhythms within the body to reduce the effects of stress, but to also help heal.  Placebo effects, whether positive or negative can play huge roles in individual’s health or lack of.   The simple positive belief of the person in something or someone and that shared encouragement can play a key role in healing.  Meditation can also open these amazing benefits of self healing.  Again, the mind can play a pivotal role in helping the body heal itself by believing it.

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