Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Exercise and Anger

When stressed and we become angry, we usually seek to fight or maybe even flee.  These are our basic instincts.  When we are unable to allow emotion to burst out, and due to social graces, are forced to restrain ourselves, our body internally suffers.  We cannot yell and scream or hit someone when angry, but later we can release the natural emotion and energy through exercise.  Certain exercises can reduce stress and anger.

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The article, “Does exercise help with anger? This is how a workout can release frustration” by Chloe Gray looks at how we can utilize healthy exercise to deal with unresolved anger.  She states,

“The fact that there is a positive outlet for this anger is great news that is scientifically backed. In a study of 3,403 participants by Stockholm University, people who exercised at least two to three times a week were found to experience significantly less depression, anger, cynical distrust and stress. As well as having long term effects on our emotions, exercise can immediately impact our anger too: a 2016 study by the German Sport University in Cologne found a significant reduction of aggressive feelings after both rowing and combat exercise.”

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