Anger Management Consulting Article on Anger and Kids

Children need to learn at a young age how to control emotions, especially anger.  A child who does not learn to control anger can become a destructive adult with numerous issues with the law and society.  Hence an important aspect of parenting is properly teaching a child how to control anger.  Sometimes reprimands need to be more strict but there are also  numerous other ways to teach a child coping mechanisms to control anger.

How do we teach children how to properly deal with anger? Many children mimic poor parental behaviors. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Program


The article, “:Anger Management for Kids: 7 Healthy Ways to Deal with Explosive Feelings” by Emma Singer looks at how children can learn how to cope with their anger.  She states,

“When you’re dealing with an angry kid, it can be hard for even the most even-keeled parents to keep their cool as things start to spiral out of control. And on some level, you kind of get where they’re coming from. Adults are able to maintain at least a modicum of composure when mad, thanks to years of practice at recognizing and coping with the familiar feeling.”

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