Healthcare Life Coach Program Article on Resuming Exercise

Exercise should be part of everyday life.  When someone exercises consistently, there are changes throughout the body are beneficial.  Consistency and proper technique are important for the overall culmination of health

Getting back to shape can be difficult especially after the pandemic. Please also review AIHCP’s Health Care Life Coaching Program


The article, “How exercise changes your body after a day, a week, a month, a year” by Sophie Aubrey looks at the benefits of exercise as days and weeks and months go by, helping individuals see the transformation of overall health to the person.  She states,

“When you take a break from working out, your body shrinks muscle fibres and breaks down blood vessels in the muscles that are no longer being used. “The body is always trying to conserve as much energy as possible,” Robergs says.  It means when you return to exercise, you’re fatigued because high demand is being heaped onto your heart and lungs to increase blood flow through your contracting muscles, but your body has become less effective at doing this.”

Getting back after into shape, especially after the pandemic will present new challenges indeed.  To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review AIHCP’s Healthcare Life Coach Program.  The program is online and helps train qualified professionals in the area of healthy living and how to help others achieve that standard.