Crisis Intervention Training Program Article on Crisis Training and Police Response

Too many times when mental crisis arises, law enforcement arrives.  911 cannot differentiate between crime and mental crisis.  Many times, mental crisis leads to someone killed by the police.  These alarming trends are part of the police reform.  Crisis teams accompanying police and even better crisis training and protocol for crisis 911 calls should be employed to avoid unnecessary death.

Better training and crisis team partnerships can make sure mental situations end in arrest and not lethal force. Please also review AIHCP’s Crisis Intervention Training


The article, “When 911 Is The Only Option For A Mental Health Care Crisis” by Lisa Ryan looks at the fear and danger associated with a call to the police for a mental emergency within African American communities.  She states,

“Family members of people going through a mental health crisis are sometimes reluctant to call the police out of fear for their loved ones. Violent behavior and outbursts can be met with lethal force.   Mental health advocates are hopeful though that a new co-responder program – that pairs responding Cleveland police officers with social workers — may help.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Crisis Intervention Training Program to learn more about how to help individuals in crisis.  With better crisis training, police and first responders can make a difference in avoiding unneeded lethal force.