Anger Management Consulting Training Article on Anger and Health

It has long been accepted fact that stress and anger are bad for one’s health when they are not properly channeled and coped with.  Individuals who allow stress and anger to overtake cause bodily reactions to take place in the body to prepare the body for confrontation.  Overtime, this can be unhealthy and cause multiple health issues for the person

Anger can negatively affect one’s health. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Program


The article, “Too Much Anger Leads to Bad Health Outcomes” by Philip Chard looks at how anger when it is not expressed or coped with properly can lead to later health issues.  He states,

The damage from this sort of mental bile is routinely underestimated. Studies show emotional agitation, particularly the angry variety, instigates several unwelcome health impacts. For one, the next time you “lose it,” your immune system will be compromised for roughly four hours, leaving you more susceptible to illness. That’s no small vulnerability in our COVID-saturated world. What’s more, persistent agitation increases the risk of strokes, heart disease and early death. Also, these caustic feelings corrode mental well-being, sometimes leading to a nasty condition called “agitated depression.”

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Stress Management and Anger Management can help one understand the profound effects on the body due to emotional distress and help teach individuals how to better identify stressors and agitations and learn how to better react to them.  It is important for good health, to limit emotional distress and keep the body healthy.

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