Grief Counseling Training Program Article on Corporate Bereavement Policies

Grief does not consider careers or work schedules.  It comes regardless of project deadlines or important meetings.  Individuals who depend on their job need time to not only mourn the loss of their loved one but they also need to know their employer is there for them, supplying not only job security during tragedy but also emotional understanding and support.

Employees experiencing loss need support and security from their employer. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Training Program


The article, “It’s Time to Rethink Corporate Bereavement Policies” by Mita Mallick looks closer at corporate policies for bereavement.  She states,

“While many organizations are rushing to rethink parental leave policies, wellness benefits, and extending our world of remote working past this pandemic, bereavement policies probably haven’t been at the top of many lists. Maybe this is because many of us are uncomfortable embracing death, grief, and loss in the workplace.  But this is the right time to consider bereavement leave. How can organizations better help grieving employees? ”

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Bereavement over the lost of a loved one is a difficult time and it is important that employers and corporations make that time easier. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Training Program and see if it meets your needs and goals.