Meditation Instructor Program Article on Meditation and Difficult Times

Difficult times can bring out the best or worst.  Grief and loss can make it difficult to focus and handle situations.  Meditation and focus can help one find centering during difficult times and help one be able to do what is needed during those times.

Meditation can help one find focus and centering during difficult times. Please also review AIHCP’s Meditation Instructor Program and see it meets your academic and professional goals.


The article, “A Practical Approach To Being Grateful And Mindful During Difficult Times” by Rob Dube looks at how meditation and mindfulness can help one during stormy times in one’s life.  He states,

“Mindfulness is a great skill for anyone who wants to create a better impact in business, and in our everyday lives. However, it also shows up when times get tough—and this proved especially true when Julianna was grieving the death of her parents.  Mindfulness didn’t make the pain of their passing vanish, but her practice built her an internal support system. It even helped Julianna find genuine gratitude during an unbelievably trying time.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Meditation Instructor Program and see how it can help you utilize meditation but also train others in this key skill.