Anger Management Consulting Certification Article on Kids and Anger

It is important for parents to teach their children at a young age to control their emotions and anger.  Anger and uncontrolled emotion can ruin lives.  Hence it is critical for children to learn anger management skills at a young age.  Children cannot be permitted to express uncontrolled emotion without consequences and guidance.

Teaching children to control anger is a key parenting step. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Certification


The article, “Anger Management: Helping You and Your Kids Stay in Control” by Eugene Beresin looks at how parents can better help their kids control their anger.  He states,

“Here are some ways kids and parents can manage anger. These skills need to be tailored to the age of your child, and for everyone, they require practice on a regular basis.”

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Learning to control anger is a skill that is necessary for social interaction.  Teaching kids how to properly manage anger is a top priority in parenting.