Grief Counseling Certification Article on Depression and Over Sleeping

Atypical depression can cause a over sleeping.  Atypical depression is an ongoing depression, where a person may not even realize they are depressed because an event or surprise can temporarily lull them out of it, but it still nonetheless persists.  Many who experience this type of depression will over sleep.

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Oversleeping is a symptom of depression because it is a way one tries to cope with the sadness.  One will feel they have nothing to look forward to so they turn to sleep as a way to escape reality.

The article, “What You Should Know About the Relationship Between Oversleeping and Depression” from Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials looks at the correlation between oversleeping and depression.  The article states,

“While oversleeping can be a symptom of atypical depression, there are different factors that also contribute to it. “When someone is depressed, it can be because they sleep as a form of escape,” says Dr. Drerup. “They may be thinking, ‘I don’t have anything to look forward to so why do I even start the day?’’

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