ADHD Consulting Training Program Article on Weighted Blankets and Deep Touch Therapy

Weighted blankets utilizing deep touch therapy has an ability to calm the nerves of those suffering from Autism and ADHD.  The ability to calm the person with the blanket is the key hence relaxing the person also helping someone suffering from these disorders the ability to better sleep.

Deep Touch Therapy through Weighted Blankets can help those with ADHD and Autism become more relaxed. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Training Program


The article, “Autism and ADHD | Signs, Treatments and Therapies” by Rachel Green and Wendy Rhodes looks at how weighted blankets can better help individuals with Autism and ADHD.  They state,

“Weighted blankets are effective tools for managing characteristics of autism and ADHD because of something called Deep Touch Pressure, a therapy technique that calms the nervous system.”

In the article, they discuss how weighted blankets can play a key role in helping individuals with these disorders.  The key is how the blankets which are weighted in square patches with plastic pellots or rice enables the individual to experience the easing of tension on the nervous system.  To learn more, please review the entire article and click here

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