ADHD Consulting Training Article on ADHD Coping

One of the biggest ways to combat ADHD is actually acceptance of the state of mind.  Learning how the ADHD mind works and the best way to deal with issues that arise is important.  What works best for an individual with coping strategies or ways to circumvent ADHD is important.  Creating one’s own plan, own habits and own ways to counter balance ADHD is critical to success.

Learning how one’s ADHD brain works is the best way to cope with ADHD. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Training Program


The article, “Why ADHD Self-Awareness is the Key to Effective Action, Change, and Progress for Each of Us” by Susan Laskey looks at how individuals can create their own way to counter balance ADHD.  She states,

“So what unlocks real change and progress? Recognizing (not resisting) our ADHD differences — and embracing our true selves. The more we understand ourselves (self-awareness) and appreciate the way we are (self-acceptance), the easier it is to maximize our strengths and create workarounds where needed (the power of possibility and choice!).”

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Please also review our ADHD Consulting Training and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  Qualified professionals can utilize this certification to help others cope and plan coping strategies to deal with ADHD.