Anger Management Consulting Certification Article on Dr Conte Video

Anger can gain control over the best of people.  It is a natural emotion that is benign but can be utilized for both good and bad.  Unfortunately, anger is more misused and can cause profound problems for individual health and also social interaction.  Dr Conte, an Anger Specialist, and also an instructor at AIHCP offers five ways to curb and control anger.

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In the video, Dr Conte helps individuals learn how to control their rage and anger.

To review the video, “Five Keys to Controlling Anger”, please click here

Controlling anger is key in life.  If anger controls oneself, then it can lead to a life of stress, injured relations, and possibly crime.  It is essential to listen to the words of Dr Conte in controlling rage and anger.

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Certification authored by Dr Conte and see how it can help yourself and others in managing anger.  The program is online and offered to qualified professionals seeking certification in the area of Anger Management.