Healthcare Life Coach Program Article on Music and Workouts

Many individuals who exercise find music to be very uplifting and inspiring.  Music is able to push one further.  This type of benefit upon the mind allows one to mentally push oneself to a better and stronger workout.

Music can help one have a better and more productive workout. Please also review our Healthcare Life Coach Program


The article, “Upbeat Music Boosts The Benefits Of Exercise, New Study Shows” by Eric Mack looks at the impact of music on workouts.  He states,

“We found that listening to high-tempo music while exercising resulted in the highest heart rate and lowest perceived exertion compared with not listening to music,” explained Professor Luca P. Ardigò of the University of Verona in Italy. “This means that the exercise seemed like less effort, but it was more beneficial in terms of enhancing physical fitness.”

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Exercise is critical to a good life and some individuals need music for the motivation and the mindset to work through sets and miles.  Other good motivations can come from Healthcare Life Coaches who can help guide and prepare individuals for a better healthy life style.  Please review our Healthcare Life Coach Program and see if it meets your academic needs.