Spiritual Counseling Program Article on Intuition

Intuition is beyond the five senses but is a spiritual sense.  It is beyond the measure of science but is something that comes from the soul and mind.  It helps a person better access and judge a situation through a particular feeling of the energy surrounding it.  Intuitive people are not fortune tellers but true individuals with a spiritual gift that allows them to sense emotions and things of the spiritual with more accuracy than others.

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The article, “What Is Intuition? How Being Intuitive Can Help You Connect To Your Spiritual Side” by Rena Wells looks at this spiritual phenomenon.   She states,

“When you are ready to dive deeper into your intuitive side, your sensitivity becomes your greatest gift. This is because you feel first and then rationalize it. You sort through different feelings about a situation. You feel through situations first before laying out the plan. Believe it or not, this is a profound gift! It’s a gift that is desperately needed on our planet.”

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