Nursing Management Certification Program Article on Authentic Leadership

In Nursing Management, leadership is a quality that cannot be taught but one that is inherent with the individual.  Qualities that encourage excellence in others through dedication, trust and example help a unit or department excel.  Nurse Managers have the knowledge of their station but also must be able to make a cohesive unit work.  This in turn benefits the department and the patients that are served within the department.

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Authentic leadership within the relation between a nurse manager and other staff is key.  The article, “Be you! Authentic leadership” by Rosanne Raso delves deeper into the importance of leadership, especially authentic leadership and how it plays out within the particular department.  She states,

“One of the relational leadership styles, authentic leadership is rooted in positive psychology—the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The values of honesty, trust, and integrity are the underpinnings of authentic leadership. The importance of these values is as old as Greek philosophy and as relevant today as it was centuries ago”

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