ADHD Consulting Program Article on Adult ADHD

ADHD can affect children but also adults.  Adult ADHD is affects many adults in the United States.  Some are diagnosed and never knew they had ADHD.  This leads to an alarming self evaluation of the past and how ADHD had unknowingly affected not only an adult’s past personality but also past relationships.

Adult ADHD is a reality for many that answer many questions why their previous life was how it was. Please review our ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “A new life: being diagnosed with ADHD in my 40s has given me something quite magical” by Jason Wilson looks at how one person was affected by the diagnosis that he had ADHD as a 40 year old.  The article states,

“A pattern began to emerge in the conversation that even I, in my befuddlement, could see. I had been living my life in a state of almost permanent distraction, which periodically descended into panic and chaos in the face of another wasted day, another lost wallet or another forgotten chore.”

This distraction was ADHD and led the man to realize that much of his life and all his issues was directly related to ADHD.  It finally all made sense! To read the entire article, please click here

ADHD Consultants can help others diagnose if they have ADHD and lead them to the necessary help and offer important coping methods to deal with the disorder.  Please also review our ADHD Consulting Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.