Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program Article on Pets as Family

The loss of a pet, especially a dog, cat or horse can be a very painful thing.  Even the loss of smaller pets depending on the circumstances can leave a lasting void.  The loss of a dog or cat or horse can play be for some as painful as losing family.  While some individuals see animals as tools or objects to an end, many form lasting bonds with their fury friends.  These bonds are family bonds.  This is especially true for the family dog or cat.  For those with these types of bonds and situations, the loss is as painful as losing a human friend or family member.

Pets are family. They play a key role in the dynamics of family life. Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Counseling program


The article, “Losing a Pet Is as Painful as Losing a Human” by Ashley Laderer looks at why it is so painful to lose a pet and what to expect.  She states,

“Many people develop deep bonds with their pets. According to a 2018 survey, 72% of Americans consider their pets to be family members, and research on pet loss throughout the years has consistently shown that the loss of a pet can feel as detrimental as the loss of a human family member.”

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Society may scoff at pet loss and certain individuals may downgrade the loss and not important but those are opinions.  Grief is based on the relation to the loss.  While subjective, the role of dogs and cats in the life of a family are important.  Seeing them as family members and missing them as family members when they are gone is not a stretch of absurdity but a true feeling of loss.  It needs to be seen as a true loss and respected

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