Anger Management Specialist Program Article on Anger and Health Risks

Losing one’s temper is not only foolish and embarrassing but also causes many unseen problems within our body.  High blood pressure, heart issues, stomach issues, and other mental issues can arise when we consistently lose our temper.  One usually focuses only on the social, legal and relationship issues of going “red” when angry, but it is so detrimental to ones’ overall health as well.  Better Anger Management techniques can help prevent one losing complete and total control.

Rage and anger has many health risks., Going “red” has physical consequences on the body. Please also review our Anger Management Specialist Program


The article, “How ‘seeing red’ can do more than damage your heart” by Melissa Sammy details the dangers of losing control from a health perspective.  She states,

“Since ancient times, people have been aware of the negative impact of anger on health. In Buddhism, for instance, anger is referred to as one of the Three Poisons of the Mind, along with greed and foolishness. Today, most people know that anger can increase blood pressure levels, thereby elevating the risks for heart attack and stroke. But unmanaged anger can also manifest in the form of other significant short- and long-term health problems.”

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