ADHD Consulting Program Article on ADHD and Its

ADHD is seen by many in a negative light.  Society sees it as an annoyance due to children not behaving or being able to sit still.  While it is still a disorder that needs to be addressed and taught to cope with, it still can leave some benefits that others may not notice.

With some of the chaos in ADHD, comes a few potential advantages that can be taken. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Program


In the article, “I Have ADHD—And Here’s Why It’s My Superpower” by Ken Babakhan, a different twist on ADHD is reviewed.  He states,

“Shankman says that once he knew what he was up against, he was able to figure out how to avoid repeating mistakes and making new ones. ‘Those of us with ADHD live with a much faster brain than a normal person,” he says, “and we have to find ways to use that to our benefit and work with it.’ ”

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