Stress Management Consulting Program Article on Biological Nature of Stress

Stress affects the human body in multiple ways.  It is important to understand the nature of stress and how it affects the body.  Understanding and utilizing stress management practices can help one live a more healthy and productive life.

Men need to understand the nature of stress and incorporate proper stress management techniques. Please also review the Stress Management Consulting Program

The article, “Stress Management: The Biological Nature of Stress” by Snow Qu states,

“One of the most prominent effects of stress on the human mind is its influence on cognitive abilities. A study published in Molecular Psychiatry found that those who experience stress are more vulnerable to mood changes and anxiety disorder later in their lives. ”

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Stress can cause multiple physical affects on one self, from the mind to the body.  It is important to employ good stress management.  Please also review AIHCP’s Stress Management Consulting Program